AKKONDesk CNC software

Functionality of AKKON

  • controlling of four axes (x-, y-, z- and a- direction)
  • 3D-viewer showing working path
  • program operates with G-Code based on DIN 66025, RS274.
  • basic import filters for Excellon- and Hpgl-files (other file formats e.g. DXF available on internet)
  • engraving using simple fonts already implemented in G-Command (borland vector fonts available)
  • easy access of CNC controller over USB interface or RS232-interface
  • simulator for program test
  • communicaton protocol to AKKON CNC controller open for own projects in the area of automation
  • siginal outputs e.g. for cooling system or vacuum cleaner, controlled over G-Code
  • PWM or analogue output (AKKON extension board) for controlling spindle
  • hardware also supports micro stepping mode
  • software updates can be done over USB-interface
  • fexible configurable turrets (controlling of 4 further axis using G-Code)
  • automated tool measurement, configurable for each tool
  • digital input for emergency button
  • digital input for run/pausing program execution in automatic mode (used e.g. for cutting tools that needs a little bit time for ignition
  • English and German version available
  • reference point user specifically definable
  • translation in other languages possible (also by user)
  • program debugging using break points

With optional hardware a AC-motor can be controlled by the AKKON USB Controller. This project is currently under construction and will be available for free.