dsPic PLC

The dsPicPLC is an electronic development and prototyping board based on Microchip dsPIC™ micro controller. The device is ready for interfacing a wide range of standard sensors and actuators and can also easily be extended with the EMG150-KD keyboard and display interface. Firmware updates and debugging can be done either using a suitable RS422 boot loader or ICD2/3 compatible debuggers resp. programmers. Depending on used connectors three variants of cases are available.

Figure 1: dsPIC PLC controller


Figure 2: functionality dsPIC PLC controller

1.1  Analog and digital Inputs

  • 2 counter inputs
  • 1 Encoder interface (A, B, Index, with digital output UpDown)
  • 13 general purpose digital inputs, some work also as interrupt input
  • 4 analog inputs (10 bit resolution); these inputs can alternatively be assembled for 4-20 mA sensors

All inputs are protected against over- and “under”-voltage. Encoder and analogue inputs can alternatively be used as digital inputs.

1.2  Outputs

  • 8 digital transistor outputs (200 mA, 24 VDC per output), and short circuit protection
  • 4 relays outputs driving 100 mA, 30 VDC
  • 2 PWM outputs driving 100 mA, 10 VDC

All digital inputs and outputs equipped with status LED

1.3  Interfaces

  • CAN
  • RS422
  • SPI
  • ICD2 programming interface

1.4  Optional

  • external EEPROM for user data
  • external Real Time Clock

1.5  Power supply

  • input supply 24 VDC, 2 A, operating voltage alternatively 3.3 V or 5.0 V (default). Minimum input voltage 7 VDC
  • Remark: If relays are assembled, necessary input voltage also depends on the switching voltage of the relays

1.6  General

  • dsPIC30F5015 micro controller
  • electronic housing for DIN rail mounting available
  • optional power supply on board for interfacing other devices that could be hooked on the AKKON PLC board

Weight without electronic housing: 70 g

Weight including electronic housing and AKKON Key Display: 300 g

Mounting holes for display or / and keyboard or others on board

1.7  Others

Mounting holes for display-keyboard-module

1.8  Optional assembling (by the user)

EEproms with 1 – 64 kB can be assembled

Some digital inputs can be used as analog inputs