AKKON controller board V5


The AKKON controller board is a development respectively prototyping board based on the LPC2148 micro controller. Applications can easily be built and programmed using free development tools. The board can be extended using the AKKON IO-Modules.

AKKON Controller Board


General features

  • MCU: LPC2148 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI-S™ with 512KB Flash and 42KB RAM
  • 60 MHz clock frequeny
  • USB 2.0 interface with USB link led
  • 32.768 kHz crystal and RTC backup battery connector
  • 5 Volt tolerant IO
  • on board voltage regulators 24V,  3.3V, 800mA
  • power input 6-36V DC , board can also be powerd over USB
  • SPI interface
  • RS 232 over USB (FTDI 232RL)
  • programmable using serial, USB or JTAG interface
  • standard JTAG connector with ARM 2×10 pin layout for programming/debugging with ARM-JTAG
  • reset button
  • external reset using RS232 interface

Specific features

  • free gnu c compiler and IDE available
  • interfaces to to the AKKON IO-modules
  • 1 PWM output
  • 16 digital inputs and outputs
  • 6 further digital inputs or outputs alternatively to JTAG (depending on hardware configuration)
  • 1 general purpose led
  • 3 status led for USB connections
  • 1 status led indicating power supply
  • 2 analogue inputs alternatively usable as digital IO
  • most of IO pins connected to IDC header board plugs
  • standard 2,54 mm connectors for easy connection to other hardware
  • extra connectors for SPI, analogue output, Power, Pin P0.22, reference voltage for ADC and reset circuit