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Akkon Handwheel


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Specification

4.3 System concept

4.4 System concept

4.5 Documentation











4.1 Introduction

The AKKON Handwheel is designed for controlling the AKKON CNC controller by a hand wheel. The hardware is able to control the machine in automatic as well as in manual mode. Figure 1 shows the Akkon Handwheel (Figure 1). Final design can be different to current version.

Figure 1: AKKON Handwheel

4.2 Specification

The AKKON Handwheel is connected to AKKONDesk using USB interface but the Handwheel also supports CAN bus communication for other industrial applications.

Manual mode control features

  • Move to reference point

  • Set work piece zero point Wx, Wy, Wz

  • Step mode x, y, z

  • Jog-mode 0,001, 0,01 and 0,1 mm

  • Change tool change

Automatic mode control features

  • Start, Pause and Restart program

Common commands

  • Stop program resp. current execution of any commands (does not replace emergency button)

  • M03, M08 and M10f

  • Spindle speed and feed

Power supply: 9 - 12 VDC, 200 mA

Dimensions: 195 mm * 95 mm * 40 mm

Weight : 300 g


Further information can be found in the datasheet.

4.3 System concept

Figure 2: System concept of AKKON Handwheel

4.5 Pictures


4.6 Documentation

File type Description Date Comments
TN018 Version 1.6 (0.3 Mb)
10th of October 2009
Datasheet to AKKON Handwheel (German language)
TN021Version (0.85 Mb)
10th of October 2009
Included in self assembly kit (English language)




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