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Gallery of parts made by AKKON CNC System

Following gallery shows some pictures using the Akkon CNC system

last update: 2009-01-23

Milling of shape for assembly part



Akkon CNC system in Action - MyVideo Österreich

Video about milling of holes (5 MB)


Running D-Sub macro in AkkonDesk for creaing front plate


Milling front plate of an electronic test device





Result of 2-1/2 milling

(G. Scheidl)


Milling robust protection case for iPod™

(G. Scheidl)


Create printed circuit board using EDA tool

(N. Rüdiger)


Isolation line engraving on printed circuit board, based on TARGET3001 file

(N. Rüdiger)





Runnin Akkon CNC controller on self made cnc lathme controlled by Akkon CNC system

(N. Rüdiger)


Test part made by self made CNC lathe

(N. Rüdiger)


Screen shot of AkkonDesk


3 axis control using Akkon CNC system



How to setup Akkon Simulator

Executing CNC-program using AKKON Cnc system

Milling of a long length hole in aluminium

Prototype of AKKON Spindle in action


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