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7 segment IO-Interface for general purpose using MAX7219


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Funktionality

4.3 Remarks

4.4 Application example

4.5 Download




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4.1 Introduction

The Remote Control LED Display was designed for rapid realization of amateur and professional micro controller applications. The user interface is equipped with a 4 LED Display, 2 LEDs and 4 switches. Special attention was held on easy mounting in a Hammond housing, robust switches and labeling.
The application can e.g. be used with the PIC18 development board with breadboard but other micro controller boards are


Example applications:

  • General purpos e.g. a mciro controller application with a user interface

  • Antenna adjustment, driving of a one axis CNC machine.

4.2 Functionality:

  • 4 7-Sement displays (17.5mm segment size) that can be by easily programmed (MAX7219)

  • 4 robust audible and tangible switches (17mmx17mm)

  • 2 LED

4.3 Remarks

No remarks.

4.4 Application example

Figure 1 shows an example application of the 7-Segment User Interface in combination withthe PIC18 Develoment board in an aluminum case. LED-display can be equipped with a color filter. The front plate can be designed according to user needs with special foils that can be printed by an ink jet or laser printer. Meachnical protection again abrasion can be established by a further transapent structured foil. Going this way users have a wide range of flexibility in prototyping devices and equip the device professioal outlook. Caps and frame of the aluminum case are not displayed. Further examples with full equipped case are under construction..

Figure 1: Example application of 7-Segment User Interface with PIC18 experimental board


4.4 Downloads (currently under construction)

File type Description Comment
Schematics (180KB)
Schematics for 7 segment user interface card
Part list (7KB)
Part list for 7 segment user interface card

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