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PIC18Fx2x Development Board with bread board


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Funktionality

4.3 Remarks

4.4 Example

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4.1 Introduction

The PIC18Fx2x Development board was designed for rapid realization of small micro controller applications for prototypes and series with low quantities. The board is equipped with a bread board for user specific electronics. The size of the board is especially prepared for mounting in a Hammond aluminum case. All inputs and outputs are accessible on the bread board.

Example applications:

  • Temperature data logger with DS18B20 and KTY81 and RS232 (with Delphi 2005-source)

  • Temperature data logger with DS18B20 and KTY81 and RS485 (with Delphi 2005-source)


  • processor: PIC18F25x (some pin compatible PIC16 and PIC18 types can also be used) with 20MHz quartz

  • RS485 or RS232 interface (alternatively)

  • I2C-Bus that can also be used for general purposes

  • programming over boot loader if RS232 option is used (no programmer is required) ICD2-connector available

  • 50mm x 500mm bread board with easy mounting of plugs

  • all inputs and outputs accessible over bread board (bread board can be fully cut if necessary

  • reset button

  • voltage regulator with protection diode

  • input pin for second power source over protection diode available (see example applications

  • 2 led indicating power up and one free programmable module led

  • 4 holes for mounting but easy mounting in Hammond aluminum case

  • easy construction (no specials tools necessary)

  • input pin for second power source (e.g. battery with diode) also available on bread board


If you need the reset switch T1 please connect Pin 1 of the Reset switch to Ground by soldering a bridge between Pin 1 and Pin 4.

4.4 Example

Figure 1 shows exemplarily the use of the PIC18 Development Board. In the example digital inputs and outputs of the controller are connected to connectors using wire-wrap techniques. The bread board can also be used to mount components on the board.

Figure 1: Example use of PIC18Fx2x Development Board


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