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Soldering Small Mounted Devices

Example object

64 pins with pin distance of 0.5mm


This tutorial outlines how to solder very small mounted devices like micro controller using standard soldering equipment. The tutorial is structured in logical steps starting with necessary tools over placing of the part, fixing, soldering, cleaning and testing the soldered device.



  • tweezer with small head

  • magnifier

  • transparent tape (e.g. Scotch) for placing of the part

  • soldering creme

  • tin-solder smaller than 0.5 mm diameter of wire

  • soldering iron with small head

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Step 1: Preparation for soldering

Place a small cord of thin soldering creme to the pad.

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Pull the injection needle with the soldering creme around 20mm over the pads and create the thin cord. Repeat this for each of the four edges

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Step 2: Prepare micro controller for placement

Put a small transparent strip on top of the micro controller and place the part to the board. Check if the pins are onto the pads using a magnifier.


Step 3:

Fix the part by soldering diagonal pins. Move the soldering iron orthogonal to the pin. Do not pull the iron in a horizontal way.

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Step 4: Check position of part

Check the position of the part using a magnifier. Repeat step 3 if necessary


Step 5: Soldering process

Solder all pins my moving the soldering iron orthogonal to the chip. Do not pull the head of the iron over the pins!

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Step 6: Cleaning

Remove dead soldering cream using a brush and alcohol. Move the hairs of the brush betwenn the pins.



Step 7: Visual and elelektronic testing

Test all pins for short circuits as well as connection. If necessary use soldering wire for removing short circuits. Check soldering using the magnifier.


Now the device should be soldered very well:)



Soldering SMD by Infidignm: Very good ilustrations outlining different methods for soldering and de-soldering

Video about soldering SMD parts by Ulrich Radig: Very useful link, a lot of know how about soldering and other electronic stuff

Background about solder allowys and applications

Soldering SMD by Kevin Ross: Description how to solder SMD parts with high density pins

Tutorial aboud soldering by John Hewes (pdf)

Tutorial about soldering of throuh hole components by D. Lauder









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