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do-it yourself hobby CNC machine

Milling spindle

On this page you will find some pictures about my self made milling spindle

spindle mounted on CNC machine

left side: the millig spindle based on an angele grinder from do-it-yourself shop.


  • driving power around 750Watt

  • power supply 240V~

  • speed from 1000 to 12.000 U/min (limited by the used bearings)

  • speed regulation by self made phase controller (PID-controlled)

  • tool fixture by collet chucks type ER16

  • dimensions l*w*h 300x100*90



Sensor outtput for speed measurement

Speed is measured by a hall sensor TLE4905L. Small SMC plug is used for easier spindle change. The spindle is equipped with four magnets for producing 4 impulses per rotation

mechanics of the spindle (I)

Material: aluminium,. produced on a CNC milling machine


Mechanics of spindle (II)

The spindle is made of two aluminium parts. The spinle has bearings with D=35mm, d=17mm, W=10mm

side of the milling spindle


collect chucks

The collet chucks are standad type ER16 (price around 17 Euro / collet). Also the nut. The spindle is made of steel and produced on a small lathe. The collet cone is grinded on the same machine.

anclicken zum Vergrössern

coolect cucks

Tool change has to be done manual


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