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PIC18 Micro Stepper Motor Controller with IMT 901


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Funktionality

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4.1 Introduction

The PIC Micro Stepper Motor Controller Card was designed to control stepper motors over a remote connection. Stepper motor controlling is done by the IMT901 (nanotech). Special functionality can easily be implemented in the PIC micro controller. Communication between the controller and a remote control device can be established over RS232 or RS485 connection.


  • Example applications:
    Antenna adjustment, driving of a one axis CNC machine.


  • 1.4 ampere per phase, 1600 steps per rotation can be realized

  • Processor: PIC18F25X (some pin compatible PIC16 can also be used)

  • RS485 or RS232 interface (alternatively)

  • I2C-Bus that can also be used for general purpose

  • 1.4 Ampere (max), max 37V input micro stepper motor controller (1, ½, ¼ and 1/8- steps) with current reduction

  • 2 limit switch inputs with pull up

  • Programming over boot loader if RS232 option is used (no programmer is required)


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